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MaY 2015
ToruNsko-Bernese meeting

On Saturday, May 9th at the "dog park" in Torun, held its first meeting Toruń-Bernese "durrbachlerów" and their owners and friends (two- and four-legged) astrolabe culture.
Guests turned up (though could have been better :-(( Total greeted dignified veteran SAWA our kennel. They came representatives of all litters we have ever gone out of our breeding (she was the eldest daughter Sava - Metallica aka Koka) and other marvelous beauty and not only bernusie. In total, at the meeting attended 17 dogs.

All those who wished to accept our invitation (eŁobuz came from Bydgoszcz, and Lexi up with ... Silesia) Thank you very much, and we hope that the next meeting will be held in an even more numerous group. Photo Gallery will be expanded as images runoff from quite a crowd of photographers. Greetings.

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March 2015 ended eight years SAWA


March 1, 2015, our nestorka SAWA Spartańska Osada settlement over 8 years old and joined a distinguished group of veterans. Despite such serious age sometimes still behaves like a puppy and dray with her grandchildren and daughter. SAWA is in good health and excellent condition and will it can be admired in the show ring during the fight for the title CHAMPION OF VETERANS. SAWA went through so far 27 children and 46 grandchildren (of which 18 grandchildren in Indonesia). Sawi wish the next eight years in good health and fitness.

JUNONA double-grandmother
Landseer breed puppies available

In the kennel "Pamajo Canis Familiaris" 9 puppies born after the charming daughter of Juno and Pascal - ARWEN Astrolabium and HERMOSO vom Petersberg, phone 512 843 646.

Nine puppies were born even after an extremely handsome and successful son of Juno and Aaron - PARYS Ursus Astrolabium and Jeke Kincsem SISSY, phone 500 032 869. Until a few cute puppies waiting for a new loving families.

Berner Sennenhund, Bernese Mountain Dog
Bouvier bernois, Boyeros de Berna, Bouvier de Berna, Landseer